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After The Storm
The Insurance Process

Mitigate the Damage
It is your responsibility to mitigate the damage to your home and property. For example, if your roof is leaking, you should move furniture and personal items to protect them from water damage. If possible, position a trashcan or other receptacle to catch the leaking water. Raise wet carpets and dry the underside with a fan. Tape plastic over broken windows. Call RoofPro Exteriors to make temporary repairs to your roof to prevent additional damage.

Call your Insurance Company
If you are sure that your home or property has sustained damage, call your homeowner’s insurance provider immediately and File a Claim. If you’re not sure your home has sustained damage, call us. RoofPro Exteriors representatives are experienced in inspecting for and evaluating weather-related damage. Remember: It is virtually impossible to see hail damage to roofing materials from the ground, and even from on the roof, such evaluation takes a trained eye.

The Insurance Adjustor
After receiving your claim, your insurance company will forward it to an insurance “Adjustor”. Typically, larger insurance companies will already have established a “Catastrophe Office” and brought in as many adjustors as necessary to process the flood of claims. Smaller insurance companies usually will hire an independent adjustment firm to handle the claims.

RoofPro Exteriors should be present when the adjustor arrives at your home. This will help expedite the settlement process by allowing our professional staff and your adjustor to arrive at an agreement on the extent of damage, the scope of the repairs and the price to affect those repairs. Remember: Your adjustor represents your insurance company. Don’t you think you should have someone present who is working for you?

The Two Check Process
Most insurance companies will pay your claim settlement in two checks. The first check is to be used to get the repairs started. After the repairs have been completed, the insurance company will send you the balance of the money.

Remember: If you get the repairs done for less than the adjustor has agreed to pay, the insurance company is only obligated to pay the lesser amount. In this case, shopping around for a cheaper estimate saves your insurance company money—not you!

Your Mortgage Company
If you’re lucky enough not to have a mortgage, congratulations, and please skip this section. Your home is the collateral on your home loan. The storm damaged it and lessoned the value of the mortgage company’s collateral. Therefore, your mortgage company has a vested interest in seeing that the repairs are made.

Depending on the size of your settlement, your insurance company may list your mortgage company as an additional payee on the settlement check. In that case, your mortgage company must sign the check prior to you depositing it in your bank.

Also depending on the size of your settlement and the business practices of your mortgage company, they may require you to endorse the settlement check prior to sending it to them. In that case, they may place the money in an escrow account and dish it out to you in increments as the repairs are made. As an experienced insurance restoration company, RoofPro Exteriors is accustomed to working with mortgage companies and will help you step by step through this paperwork intensive process.

Cost of Repairs
With the exception of any upgrades you choose to make, your repairs should never cost you out of pocket more than the amount of your insurance “deductible”. If we cannot make the repairs for the amount of your settlement, RoofPro Exteriors will help you work with your insurance company/adjustor to increase the amount of the settlement.

The Key
The key to restoring your home to the condition it was in prior to the storm (or better) with the least number of headaches is to work with a professional who has specific experience in dealing with insurance restoration, insurance claims and mortgage companies. RoofPro Exteriors has that experience and is ready to work for you!


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